VAERS Numbers 12/3/2021

VAERS/The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System Numbers in the USA as of December 3, 2021

As of 12/3/2021 the US VAERS system shows 21,384 vaccine deaths, and 975,187 vaccine adverse events for Covid-19 vaccines with 476 Million Covid-19 vaccine doses administered in USA (12/3/20)

Deaths reported to VAERS from 1990 to 12/3/2021

Vaccine Adverse Events
Deaths per year

In 31 years, from 1990-2020 the USA has 4,799 vaccine adverse related deaths listed in the VAERS system with ca 9.3 Billion vaccine doses in total (all vaccines / all years).

In 11 months, from 1/2021-12/3/2021 the USA has 21,384 vaccine adverse related deaths listed in the VAERS system with ca. 752 Million* doses in total (CV-19 vaccines + all others)

*Covid-19 vaccines 477 Million + All others 275 = 752 Million vaccine doses

The USA provides VAERS, a well established PASSIVE reporting system for adverse events. It is not very well known, and often even doctors do not know about its existence. So it is not used often. A research study by Harvard University concluded years ago that only ca. 1% of all cases are reported to the VAERS system.

So it is possible that we have to multiply all the above numbers by 100!

All information is deemed accurate but not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

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