Extermination campaign

This is an extermination campaign

Prof. Dr. Michael Palmer Ph.D., Medical Doctor, MedicalBiology, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada:

“MRNA injections cause injury comparable to radiation damage”

The vaccines contain mRNA, which encodes the spike protein and in addition, they contain some lipid nanoparticles, which serve as vehicles for the uptake of the mRNA into our bodies cells.

The lipid nanoparticles, in a somewhat indirect way, cause the accumulation of these vaccines in certain organs, the spleen, the liver, but also for example the ovaries are very strongly affected. It implies a very great risk to fertility.

As a part of the mixture, there are the so-called cationic lipids, positively charged lipids. These are crucial for the release of the mRNA. They disrupt the function of the so-called mitochondrion, which can cause mutation and genetic damage. This is actually similar to what happens in ionizing radiation.

So what this means is: these cationic lipids must be expected to cause some sort of radiation-like toxicity. The question is how much of this is happening. We don’t really know for sure, because there are really no proper toxicity studies, but there are enough indications to conclude that it is significant, because some of the preliminary, very incomplete trial data that Moderna shared with the European Medicines Agency EMA indicates genetic toxicity, DNA damage.

What we also see in many people, who got the vaccine is a period of immunosuppression. We are not really sure what share of this immunosuppression to attribute to the spike protein and what share to attribute to the cationic lipids, but I think it is plausible, that there is a contribution by these cationic lipids.

The most susceptible cells in the body to genetic damage are the lymphocytes, the cells that are from the backbone of your specific immune system. Each time the immune system recognizes a new virus the lymphocytes are doing the recognition and also are doing at least some of the fighting against those microbes and these cells happen to be the most susceptible to genetic damage, including radiation. It is well known, that if you impose genetic damage these are the first cells to go.

With radiation, you can administer several doses, but still a limited dose of radiation. We have to expect the same thing with these vaccines as well. We are at the early stages of this vaccination campaign and we are looking at acute toxicity. This is toxicity of the Russian Roulette type. Some people get hit very badly, but most others actually get away with it. But even those who are now getting away with it they are building their genetic toxicity, their DNA damage up towards this ultimate level beyond it simply can not go.

I believe this is indeed an extermination campaign.

If you comply now, this is only going to buy you “freedom” for six months and then you’re getting your next vaccination. You simply can not win in this game.

The only option we have is to radically say “No”!

We are going to win this. 

– by Prof. Dr. Michael Palmer PHD

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