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We have been studying COVID-19 and everything related to it very intensively since mid-March 2020, searching, watching, listening and reading thousands of articles, informations, official documents, research studies, lectures by doctors, experts and scientists.
Beginning of 2021 we decided to share all our information, documents and ideas with you and will add new information daily. We hope you will find this information interesting and might even think to support us. This would be amazing, since we lost all business due to the worldwide COVID restrictions already in March 2020 and really are struggling to survive.

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If you find our pages useful, please consider donating or purchasing merchandise, books, or art on our website. As an affiliate we will receive a small percentage of the sales price of each product. 

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Just a quick note regarding Amazon. We rather would have used another affiliate program, but those we looked at either didn’t carry the books we looked for, or refused to work with us. It is frustrating when its impossible to find alternatives to those who actually are creating the problems we have. We are so sorry. As soon as we find an alternative, we will switch it out. Any suggestions are very welcome!

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