Who we are

Who We Are

We are a couple with curious minds. My partner was in the German Military. He was trained and worked as a military nurse in a German hospital many years ago. After our college years we raised a family, both accomplished diverse experiences in many non-health related occupations in Germany as well as in the United States. We have been living in the US since 1995, are bilingual and are NOT associated with any political party, any organization or group. We are independent, and are not financed by any association, group, party or company. We are funding this project out of our own pocket.*

Since mid-March 2020 I have been studying the pandemic and everything about COVID-19 very intensively, searching, watching, listening and reading thousands of articles, informations, official documents, research studies,  and lectures by doctors, experts and scientists.
I would like to share this information, documents and ideas with you and hope that you might find them interesting. Most of the information on our website is either from the relevant official authorities and organizations or documents and studies that have been conducted or presented by renowned scientists and experts and which often have been censored.

Many lectures and speeches by respected and long-standing acclaimed scientists have been deleted, censored and long-time, distinguished experts, who are professors and have even received Nobel Prizes, are defamed as crackpots. It is devastating how much is censored on the internet and in the media. Someone who reads/watches just the regular press will not find that information easily.

What I am worried about is that all over the world only one opinion is accepted and governments (with some exceptions) only adopt the official narrative and single viewpoint on COVID-19. In Germany they predominantly followed the advice of one virologist, Mr. Drosten, who already completely messed up years ago regarding the swine flu. Mr. Drosten is also the one who was the first to refine the dreadful PCR test in early January 2020 which then was presented all over the world as “THE” test and is now being used worldwide. Based on this one perspective, our governments carelessly disregard all OUR fundamental and human rights without setting up committees consisting of a wide range of scientists from various fields and without seeking broad-based expert advice.

Without scientific committees which collectively discusses and compares scientific studies and finds solutions which should be most effective but also as minimal restrictive as possible, this approach is completely unprofessional, not scientifically sound, absolutely undemocratic, and pure dictatorship.

Our collection of information is NOT politically motivated, but based solely on basic health / expert facts and on what I have found or find online through many long hours and nights of research. I don’t watch, read or listen to corporate press but read alternative magazines from journalists who have often left the corporate media because they were no longer allowed to publish their articles.

Subsequently, I reinforce this information through additional research and check for substantiating information from professional journals and scientific experts. My principle is: I try to find articles, studies, facts, lectures and research presented by experts and professionals who are independent, whose income, career or future does not depend on an institute or sponsor and who are not sponsored financially or politically by any person, organization, party or company. Anyone working for an institute supported by a pharmaceutical company or the WHO can hardly conduct and introduce studies independently without damaging their career or reputation.

Which politician said what and why doesn’t interest me, because they look at COVID-19 from a pure political point of view and without any basis of expertise. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has become a political disease, where nobody is allowed to say or discuss “hydroxychloroquine”, “mask”, or “vaccine” without being put in one corner or another. Whoever is for one is a democratic guardian of humanity, whoever is against it is a completely uneducated idiot (called Covidiot in German) who is not only particularly stupid but also an anti-Semitic, esoteric Nazi. Why have we stopped being able to discuss different views, studies and ideas that govern our lives without personal insult? If we are not allowed to discuss the basics of our future, we are controlled by a global corporate  narrative and with this live in a global totalitarianism.

I therefore kindly ask you to read through my compilation and our website with an open mind! Please start your own research based on actual research studies and experts and not the corporate press!
Thank You!

* But we are grateful for contributions from our readers. You can do so via buying books, art, photography, supplements, health products, home decor, household products, groceries or merchandise on our website, or by donating bitcoins. Thank You!

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