Mortality and Case Rate

The Lethality and Case Count of COVID-19 is not much higher than a medium to moderately severe influenza pandemic.

Flu waves occur every year. Different viruses are involved, mainly influenza and corona viruses.
Normal case mortality with influenza or corona viruses is 0.1-0.2% sometimes like in 2017/2018 up to 1%.

The risk of dying of COVID-19 at an age below 65 years: 0.03%, for over 80 years: 1-2%
According to the German Heinsberg study by Prof. Streeck, mortality for all is in the range between 0.24% and 0.26% maximum 0.36%.
This is just in the range of a moderately severe flu wave.

According to Prof. Ioannidis, Stanford University, mortality is between 0.2 and 0.4%, depending on local factors such as census method, age structure, etc.
A study in October 2020 by Prof. Ioannidis, Stanford University shows an even lower global infection fatality rate of 0.15‐0.20% (0.03‐0.04% in those <70 years)

A look at European and German mortality statistics of 2020 shows no increased mortality.
The proportion of severe cases among all infected persons is 1.3%, according to the RKI (Robert-Koch-Institute, Germany.
Overall infection fatality rate (IFR) of covid-19 in the general population is about 0.1% to 0.5% in most countries. This is absolutely comparable to the medium influenza pandemics of 1957 and 1968.

Conclusion: Covid-19 is definitely NOT a killer virus but comparable to a moderately severe influenza.

Mortality Rates and their causes

The high number of deaths and cases is mainly due to the meaningless PCR test, where 50% – 95% of the test results are false positive. (Read here why this test is useless).
When people go to the doctor or hospital, they often are forced to get a PCR test. Even if they go to the doctor / hospital because of another disease or injury but had a positive test result, they are registered as COVID-19 case. Should such a patient die, it would be counted as a COVID-19 death.

The CDC published guidelines on March 24, 2020 that substantially altered how cause of death is recorded exclusively for COVID-19. On March 24th, the National Vital Statistics System (NVSS), under the direction of the CDC, issued ‘COVID-19 Alert No. 2 to all physicians, medical examiners and coroners as guidelines for making significant changes as to how cause of death was to be reported on death certificates exclusively for COVID-19. On March 24, 2020 the CDC elected to forgo this trusted method of cause of death recording in favor of recording comorbidities in Part 2, so COVID-19 could be listed exclusively in Part 1. This has had a significant impact on data collection accuracy and integrity. It has resulted in the potential false inflation of COVID-19 fatality data and is a potential breach of federal laws governing information quality.
– There was significant inflation of COVID-19 case and fatality data.
– People hospitalized with a positive PCR test could be tested every 24 hours and each time counted as new COVID-19 to the complete absence of basic rules.

Hospitals and physicians received recommendations from the CDC and WHO on how to classify deaths. In this recommendation it was explained that a death can be registered as Covid-19 death even without having done a PCR test. All that was necessary was that the person must have met another person who had a test with a positive result before they died and this test result could also have been a false positive.
Hospitals and doctors have an incentive to declare non-COVID deaths as COVID deaths. They receive subsidies from the state to treat COVID patients. At the hospital, there is an additional $13,000 from the state for treatment of COVID-19 patients and $39,000 for a patient on a ventilator. Which for-profit company would miss out on such additional revenue when it is made so easy just by legally filling out a form? Doctors and family members also receive subsidies such as funeral expenses.
There are also additional deaths due to postponed treatments, or diseases not detected early enough, such as cancer. In addition the numbers of suicides are skyrocketing. If those had been tested positiv before, or tested after their death, or met someone who had tested positiv they often have been counted as COVID deaths.
In nursing homes, which were already understaffed, there was a lack of caregivers who went into quarantine because of positive PCR tests. As a result, elderly people received substandard care. Those who have dementia, for example, have constantly be asked to drink something. Consequently in some nursing homes those needing care died of thirst. Psychological factors also play a role. If seniors are locked in their rooms, not allowed to go out to get fresh air, not allowed to see their family, not allowed to hug their grandchildren, etc., then their life is meaningless to them and they die. Then, if a PCR test was done at the time of death, or someone else in that nursing home had tested positive those deaths were labeled COVID deaths also.
Meanwhile, healthy people are tested when they want to travel, go to work, when children go to school, or when they just want to know if they can visit their grandmother. Positive test results from these tests are 50-90% false positives. However, they are included in the statistics and reported as infections numbers. All these positive numbers go into the databases and if a person dies 28 days after a positive test result he is counted as an Covid-19 patient, whether he died of a heart attack, cancer, pneumonia, flu, an accident, suicide or other.
So a high number of deaths are mislabeled via the false positive PCR test results as COVID deaths.

Hospitalization Numbers

The US CDC found that Covid-19 hospitalization rates for people aged 65 and over are “within ranges of influenza hospitalization rates”, with rates slightly higher for people aged 18 to 64 and “much lower” for people under 18 (compared to influenza).
The much lower than expected hospitalization rate may explain why most Covid-19 ‘field hospitals’ even in hard-hit countries like the US, the UK and China remained largely empty.

The same problem regarding the false positive PCR tests is true for the illnesses. People with positive test results are placed in the special Covid section of the hospital and are also counted as Covid cases. Diseases such as influenza, pneumonia, heart attacks have almost disappeared from the statistics, as they are counted as Covid case. Influenza has been eradicated from the whole world since the end of March 2020.
Meanwhile, healthy people are tested when they want to travel, go to work, when children go to school, or when they just want to know if they can visit their grandmother. Positive test results from these tests are 50-90% false positives. However, they are included in the statistics and reported infection numbers, whether they are healthy or truly sick. If someone with a ear infection goes to the hospital, he gets tested and if it is a positive test result he will be transferred to the special COVID-19 department and the bed counted as COVID bed.

So a high number of hospitalizations are mislabeled via the false positive PCR test results as COVID deaths.

The occupancy rates of hospital beds have never been critical, except in a few hospitals in the USA or Italy. Unfortunately, our hospital system has deteriorated over the years as hospitals have been privatized and turned into profit centers, resulting in an enormous reduction of hospital beds over the last few years.
If e.g. an hospital chain with an 800-bed hospital cuts it back to 200 beds you don’t have to be surprised if you get an occupancy rate of 80%. (Which, by the way, is considered optimal occupancy by hospital companies) Even in the midst of the Corona crisis, both beds and staff were cut back in many countries and sent home with reduced hours. In some areas of Italy and the USA, hospitals were near capacity for a variety of reasons. e.g., bed reductions in relation to demographics where an uninsured, overworked population, living together in larger families but in a small space. In these areas, infections are rapid. In the beginning patients were put on ventilators and treated incorrectly, not given correct or too high doses of medications.
To relieve the pressure on hospital beds, the Governor of New York, like that of California, ordered that COVID-19 patients, who were not life-threateningly ill be admitted to nursing homes. Only regular trained nursing staff was available and the nursing homes had to provide their own PPE equipment, causing shortages in hygiene. Since the nursing staff was also sent home if they had a positive test result, the retirement homes were also undersupplied in terms of nursing care.
In addition, relatives were not allowed to take care of their relatives. If elderly in need of care or dementia patients are not regularly addressed and encouraged to drink, the probability that these people will die is very high. In some retirement homes the residents died of thirst. If an elderly is no longer allowed to leave his or her room, is not allowed to get out into the fresh air, gets unhealthy food and is not allowed to have visits from relatives, he or she no longer sees any meaning in life and dies.
As soon as a person in a nursing home received a positive test result, everyone who came into contact with that person and died was classified as COVID death. Even under normal circumstances, the residents of nursing homes die of old age. This is a natural process in nursing homes. Now, by various measures, the death rates in nursing homes have been driven up, and due to lots of false positive tests, the COVID death rates have been driven up. More than 40% of COVID deaths in the USA have occurred in nursing homes. Normal death has been accelerated and relabeled as COVID.
Since March/April 2020, people have been prevented from going to their doctor or to the hospital for treatments due to lockdowns or due their fear of catching COVID-19. This has already caused millions of surgeries to be cancelled or postponed, cancer tests nd treatments to be postponed, etc…. All these missed procedures lead to more and more deaths, which on the one hand go will be entered into the databanks as COVID cases if a test returns positiv and on the other hand should not have even happened.
Heart attacks, for example, are currently identified much too late, often not until it is already the second or third stroke. Or a case were someone called 911 because of breathing problems and pressure on the chest. They told him to stay calm, but they would not send him the ambulance, but someone from the health department instead – out of fear he had COVID-19. The public health officer, who arrived hours later, could only conclude that he had died of an heart attack. In another case, a woman took her husband to the hospital on suspicion of a heart attack. The hospital demanded that he had to take a COVID test before admittance, which the man refused. Due to the delay, the man succumbed to his heart attack. Many such cases are noted as COVID-19 deaths, when the person had a positive test result or had come close to another person with a positive test result.

As long as people voluntarily are getting this meaningless PCR test, which is being used to mislabel other causes and deaths, this pandemic will never stop.

Anthony Fauci knew that the PCR Tests are done with high cycles above 35 (everything above 28-30 cycles creates fake positives) in Juli 2020

Kary Mullins PCR Inventor:
“PCR is just a process…it does not tell you that you are sick.”
“With PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody.”

– Kary Mullins

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