Corona Viruses

This large family of viruses, known for a long time to be present in humans and animals, causes about 10-20% of colds and flu infections each year. RNA viruses change continuously. Most exposure to it goes unnoticed, otherwise there are mild symptoms, mainly cough without sputum, sometimes fever and aching limbs. Severe courses are rare, but have always occurred – in nursing homes, even the “mildest” of these have caused deaths among the correspondingly weakened. Therefore, there has never been much interest and no great diagnostic effort. Two members have caused a stir so far: SARS-CoV-1 in China in 2003 (the wave of fear it triggered also led to high economic losses globally) and MERS in the Middle East in 2012, both of which actually had higher lethality but were only slightly contagious, so people forgot about them again.

Conclusion: Instead of always producing new waves of fear, we could be grateful to nature that pathogens are usually either very contagious or very dangerous and not both at the same time. In addition we should trust our amazing immune system.

How dangerous is Covid-19 compared to other flu viruses?

Flu waves occur in our country every year. Different viruses are involved, mainly influenza and corona viruses.
Normal case mortality is 0.1-0.2% sometimes like in 2017/2018 up to 1%.

The risk of dying of COVID-19 at an age below 65 years: 0.005%,
for over 80 years: 1-2%
According to the German Heinsberg study by Prof. Streeck, mortality for all is in the range between 0.24% and 0.26% maximum 0.36%.
This is just in the range of a moderately severe flu wave.
According to Prof. Ioannidis, Stanford University, mortality is between 0.02 and 0.4%, depending on local factors such as census method, age structure, etc.
A look at the German mortality statistics of 2020 shows no increased mortality.
The proportion of severe cases among all infected persons is 1.3%, according to the RKI (Robert-Koch-Institute, Germany.

Conclusion: Covid-19 is definitely NOT a killer virus but comparable to a moderately severe influenza flu.

For whom is it dangerous?

The average age of the deceased in the German Heinsberg study was 81.
However, it is not age that is decisive, but general health and previous illnesses. Even over 100-year-olds made it through just fine. For younger people, who already have diseases or unknown underlying conditions, it can of course be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. This is also true for other pathogens. And there are always exceptions that confirm a rule.

Very important: Anyone who tested positive was counted as a Corona death. It was and is not taken into account whether someone actually died from it or was only a carrier. Prof. Püschel in Hamburg, Germany did multiple autopsies and did not find a single person who succumbed to the virus alone.

Conclusion: Like many other respiratory pathogens, it is dangerous for people who are already ill.

Why did it go so badly in some countries?

The overall situations of life style, health care system, environment, social system, political system, treatments and testing is so different in countries that it is very difficult to compare.
In Italy, only the northern part Italy was severely affected, a region with lots of air pollution and many elderly people. Here, too, almost 99% showed severe pre-existing disease. The horrible images of so many coffins resulted due to the fact that Italy imposed regulations that all COVID-19 deaths needed to be burned. In Italy, however, it is not customary to burn the bodies and therefore only very few crematories exist. During the preceding years the flu epidemics have also regularly caused hospitals to be overloaded in Italy, because they heavily scaled back on hospitals and hospital beds.
The situation was similar in the United Kingdom and Spain – these are all countries with problematic medical infrastructures, where flu outbreaks have regularly caused hospitals to be overloaded in recent years, because they cut back on hospitals and hospital beds over the last years.
The same also applies to the USA, where many do not even have health insurance. Two years ago, Alabama even declared a state of emergency because of the flu. The claim that it was particularly bad in the USA is not true. US numbers are significantly lower than Italy. By the way, Belgium had the highest number, and the situation there was never dramatic.

Conclusion: Fear was artificially and unjustifiably stirred up all over the world.

What did the lockdown accomplish?

NOTHING in terms of the course of the pandemic. Lockdowns were implemented when the pandemic was already winding down. In 1998, a Finnish study examined the occurrence of corona viruses throughout the year, showing an identical curve: Emergence in December, peak in March, disappearance in May. Countries without a lockdown, such as Sweden, Iceland, Japan and Hong Kong, showed a similar trend like those countries with a lockdown.
The feared crowded hospitals and a shortage of ventilator places never even came close to happening at any time (except of some hospitals in specific demographic area in the USA). Hospitals even reported short-time work and in fact were empty as never before.

Conclusion: The lockdown was completely pointless, since the pandemic was already over.

What would have been useful?

Give special protection to those at risk. Educate the population on how to strengthen their immune system and provide the possibility to live a healthy life. Immediately implementation of mandates of paid sick leave, paid vacation and parental leave should have been ordered, so that everybody who felt sick could have stayed home. Education about and distribution of Vitamin D, C and Zink, fresh vegetable, fruits etc., while also allowing doctors to prescribe medication for prevention, which exist.
Providing a universal health care system which is focusing of prevention and an healthy, balanced life-style.

Conclusion: The measures were completely overblown causing much more damage than benefits.

What’s the deal with the case numbers?

The more testing is done, the more the case numbers increase. If you test at a time when there are virtually no more sick people, you get almost only false positive cases.
Particularly absurd: Every positive smear taken from a healthy person is counted as a corona case and treated as equivalent to a disease. However, this also requires symptoms of the disease. If tests were made for other pathogens, one would always find many positive results in all people, i.e. a completely normal situation becomes a permanent pandemic.

Conclusion: The case numbers are artificially generated and misinterpreted.

What to make of the PCR test?

The first test originates from the laboratory of Prof. Drosten and is used worldwide. This has not been validated to date; there are no indices to assess its quality.
A group of 22 independent researchers performed a point-by-point review of this diagnostic protocol. They have identified concerning errors and inherent fallacies which render the SARS-CoV-2 PCR test useless and meaningless. Olfert Landt, CEO of Tib-Molbiol, the company selling the PCR test acknowledged that “About half of those infected with Corona would not be infectious”. Other scientists even think that 90% of positive tests might be false positives. At the moment, mainly healthy people are tested and up to 85% false positive results are generated. The test, which reacts to the tiniest amounts of viral DNA, is far too sensitive, reacts to other corona viruses as well, and says nothing about infectivity.

Conclusion: The PCR tests, which have not even been validated yet, are very often false positive, should no longer be used in the absence of disease and are absolutely meaningless.

What about the antibodies?

Antibodies are only formed in more severe cases, and hardly at all in milder ones. They decrease again after months. In the case of RNA viruses, which constantly change, they generally play a subordinate role. Therefore, despite the absence of antibodies, someone may have been both ill and adequately protected. But if you find some, it doesn’t mean you’re immune – because you find all the antibodies, not just the protective ones. And you don’t know if the amount is sufficient. Therefore, antibodies cannot be used as proof of immunity.

Conclusion: Antibodies are not produced or only produced temporarily. Tests are without significance.

Why are the numbers of false positive tests relevant?

Many people are tested even though they are perfectly healthy. Some because they voluntarily take the test, others because they need the test to be able to travel and fly, or for work, in schools, or are forced to take the test when they visit their doctor or have a treatment in an hospital. These tests then turn out to be 50-95% false positives, which are recorded in databases and reported as cases, or infections in the news, even though these people are healthy. Anyone who is entered into the database with a positive test result and dies in-between the next 28 days will be reported as a COVID-19 death, even if they died of pneumonia, influenza, heart attacks, suicides, accidents, or other illnesses. The numbers for influenza or pneumonia, on the other hand, have been at zero since the beginning of 2020.
The PCR test is used to confirm a non-existent pandemic.

Conclusion: Stop testing with the PCR test on healthy people without symptoms. Perform professional diagnosis by doctors on suspected COVID-19 cases to be able to correctly determine the disease, if necessary with further laboratory tests. Only then will we get correct numbers.

What is herd and cross immunity?

Immunity means that the body has developed sufficient defense mechanisms against a pathogen. If this protection exists in the entire population, this is called herd immunity. If enough people have been infected, they can no longer infect anyone else, and the epidemic runs its course.
Cross-immunity means that the immune system is also better equipped against related viruses, like other coronaviruses.
Statistics in Europe showed that 40-50% Covid-19 infected persons had no symptoms and 30-40% had mild symptoms. The low rate of severe disease progression makes it very likely that the immune system was already primed due to contact with “relatives” of SARS-CoV-2.
Recently, this has been proven: In blood samples from 2007-2019, researchers detected 80% defense cells (T-lymphocytes) reacting to the Covid-19 viruses from 2020. In people who were sick now, 100% reactive cells were found – incidentally, even if they just had few symptoms. This T-cell immunity is always renewed and lasts for years.

Conclusion: Approximately 85% of all people are adequately protected due to T-cell cross-immunity.

What about a second wave?

Epidemics do not have a second wave. According to the definition, it is a temporally limited increased occurrence of disease cases.

Conclusion: There is no second wave. However, infections with Covid-19 will occur again, as of course with other influenza pathogens.

What did renowned virologists and epidemiologists say?

Prof. Ioannidis: It’s a mass panic epidemic. If we hadn’t known about this virus, and if we hadn’t tested people with PCR, the numbers of total deaths from influenza infections this year would not have seemed unusual.
Prof. Atlas: “The data is in – Stop the panic and end the isolation”. The false idea of having to stop Covid-19 created a catastrophic health situation and irrational fears in an overall mild disease.
Prof. Goldschmidt: If you scare the population, you can do anything you want to them.
Prof. Oxford: We are suffering from a media epidemic.
Prof. Wittkowski: We don’t need a vaccine to get rid of it.

Conclusion: There is no scientific debate, only insistence on predetermined opinions and continued groundless fear-mongering.

What kind of mistakes were made?

– An epidemic of national scope should not have been declared because it did not exist.
– The decisions and actions were arbitrary, not based on facts, and came at a time when everything was already over.
– Citizens are treated like immature children instead of being invited to cooperate voluntarily.
– Instead of transparent communication, scaremongering was the order of the day.
– Basic rights were abrogated and all ethical principles were violated for no reason.
– People have suffered and their health has been damaged, the economy has been ruined and livelihoods have been destroyed.
Mistakes are allowed to happen, but they must be admitted and learned from.

Conclusion: Obvious wrong decisions are neither admitted nor are actions based on them terminated.

What to think about vaccination?

Vaccinations against a virus which,
1. most of the population already has sufficient immunity
2. is not dangerous, and
3. is constantly changing, makes no medical sense at all.
The decisive factor is always the risk-benefit ratio. If the benefit is zero, any risk is too much.
It is completely incomprehensible why it is being considered to try out a completely new technology of genetic vaccines because of a virus which is comparable to a moderately severe influenza flu. These are human experiments with unforeseeable consequences. It is intentional aggravated battery in the millions.

Conclusion: Vaccination makes medically no sense and endangers millions of people.

All information is deemed accurate but not guaranteed and should be independently verified.