Variation in Toxicity

Variation in Toxicity

Variation in Toxicity of Vaccine Batches Across Different States of the USA and Gender

A Biological Science researcher at Kingston University, London, Craig Paardekooper discovered that the vaccine adverse event reports listed in VAERS vary widely by batch number. He created a website and app to look up the batches and provides ongoing research and information about the toxicity of the different vaccine batches.

Not only are vaccine batches organized alphanumerically into specific toxicity ranges, and these ranges decrease linearly as one moves up the alphabet. No, they also concentrate on specific U.S. states and genders.

Variation in Toxicity of Vaccine Batches Across Different States of the USA

The number of deaths per 100,000 vaccinated is much higher for red states than for blue states.

Craig-Paardekooper also checked whether there is a difference in the effect of the vaccine on women compared to men and discovered that there is evidence of massive variation between the male and female populations.

Women actually show approximately twice the level of adverse reactions compared to men.

Taking the organization of the batch numbers, the much higher number of deaths in specific states, and much higher levels of adverse reactions in women you can’t dismiss the suspicion that this has been done on purpose.

Vaccine manufacturers are highly professionalized by standards and manufacturing techniques and normally always produce exactly the same product with no variations. This is also constantly checked by superior authorities. There is just no way that batches are so different that they create these huge differences in alphanumerically organized batch numbers, geolocation, and gender. There is just no way that this is a coincidence.

Since this can not be a coincidence it looks like it is premeditated mass murder.

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