Mass Murder

Mass Murder?

There is compelling evidence that the vaccines are premeditated mass murder. 

The assumption, that the same ingredients, the same consistent quality and purity are in every single vail and every single injection is wrong. Scientists are now absolutely certain that there are not the same ingredients in every vail and that means that criminal acts are being committed.

Scientists analyzed the vaccine batch or lots in the VAERS system and compared the adverse events from the different lots. When vaccines are produced they have to be consistent in quality and purity and would create the same results and adverse events all across the lots. But they found that there were no adverse events at all with some lots but thousands with other batches. So there are definitely not the same ingredients in the different lots. There is no other explanation than that these are not the same products and that these are experiments within global experiments and done deliberately.

Dr. Reiner Füllmich: These findings have immense legal repercussion, because once you arrive at the conclusion that they are doing this deliberately the floodgates are open in the United States for punitive damages.

Dr. Mike Yeadon

This is how consistent adverse events looked like across the lots of flu vaccines.

This is how inconsistent adverse events look like across the lots of Covid vaccines.

Dr. Mike Yeadon

Dr. Wodarg, Sam White, Reiner Füllmich

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