A Whistleblower Report

A Whistleblower Report

Hospital Physician’s Assistant, Deborah Conrad, has come forward with her testimony of the massive amount of Adverse Events not being reported by hospitals.

Deborah Conrad, a hospital physician’s assistant:

“I knew nothing of VAERS / The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. I didn’t know about our responsibility to report. It was never even talked about when these vaccines were rolled out. There was never this push to make sure providers were made aware that if you are getting patients in the hospital with issues, you got to go to this website and start reporting. It was never educated to us at all.”

Healthcare providers are required by law to report to VAERS.

Healthcare providers are strongly encouraged to report:

– Any adverse event that occurs after the administration of a vaccine licensed in the United States, whether or not it is clear that a vaccine caused the adverse event.

She recorded a call with her hospital’s president.

Now she is no longer allowed to report any other patient but patients of her own and then there was a warning. She was told that she must support the vaccine effort. 

Full interview:

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