Protests in EU

Protests in Germany & EU

For weeks there are protests and demonstrations in many villages, towns and cities in Germany against mandatory vaccinations, the vaccine passport and restrictions. It started with protest “walks” (Spaziergängen) on Mondays weeks ago.

On Monday January 3, 2022 there were “walks” in 1390 German cities, with 27,000 people in Rostock alone. Each week the number of participants grows, and in many cities there are even daily walks. Media is not reporting about it, and if they do they play it down or claim that these are all right wing people. Which is far from the truth.

There are also many protests in Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and other European countries.

List with Cities in France with Protests on January 8, 2022

Some impression from past walks

Rostock, Germany / January 3, 2022

Magdeburg, Germany / January 3, 2022

Augsburg, Germany / January 3, 2022

Ansbach, Germany / January 3, 2022

München, Germany / January 5, 2022

Vienna, Austria / January 7, 2022

Amsterdam, Netherlands / January 2, 2022

Paris, France / January 1, 2022

Barcelona, Spain /  January 1, 2022

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