EMA Numbers 12/4/21

EudraVigilance/The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System Numbers in the EU as of December 4, 2021

As of 12/4/2021 the EMA EudraVigilance system shows 32,652 vaccine deaths, and 3,281,007 vaccine adverse events for Covid-19 vaccines with 659 Million Covid-19 vaccine doses administered in EU (12/7/2021). 

The European Medicine Agency / EMA provides the EudraVigilance reporting system for adverse events. It is not very well known, and often even doctors do not know about its existence. So it is not used often. Experts think that only ca 5%-10% of all cases are reported to the EudraVigilance system in the EU.

So it is possible that we have to multiply all the above numbers by 10 or even by 100.

The statistic below shows the numbers from the VAERS system in the USA. More information about these numbers can be found here: USA VAERS numbers as of 11/26/2021.

The statistic below combines all the numbers of the EU and USA together and provides an overview of what numbers we should expect when the databases actually represent only one or ten percent of the cases.

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