Extermination campaign

This is an extermination campaign

Prof. Dr. Michael Palmer Ph.D., Medical Doctor, MedicalBiology, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada:

“MRNA injections cause injury comparable to radiation damage”

The vaccines contain mRNA, which encodes the spike protein and in addition, they contain some lipid nanoparticles, which serve as vehicles for the uptake of the mRNA into our bodies cells.

The lipid nanoparticles, in a somewhat indirect way, cause the accumulation of these vaccines in certain organs, the spleen, the liver, but also for example the ovaries are very strongly affected. It implies a very great risk to fertility.

As a part of the mixture, there are the so-called cationic lipids, positively charged lipids. These are crucial for the release of the mRNA. They disrupt the function of the so-called mitochondrion, which can cause mutation and genetic damage. This is actually similar to what happens in ionizing radiation.

So what this means is: these cationic lipids must be expected to cause some sort of radiation-like toxicity. The question is how much of this is happening. We don’t really know for sure, because there are really no proper toxicity studies, but there are enough indications to conclude that it is significant, because some of the preliminary, very incomplete trial data that Moderna shared with the European Medicines Agency EMA indicates genetic toxicity, DNA damage.

What we also see in many people, who got the vaccine is a period of immunosuppression. We are not really sure what share of this immunosuppression to attribute to the spike protein and what share to attribute to the cationic lipids, but I think it is plausible, that there is a contribution by these cationic lipids.

The most susceptible cells in the body to genetic damage are the lymphocytes, the cells that are from the backbone of your specific immune system. Each time the immune system recognizes a new virus the lymphocytes are doing the recognition and also are doing at least some of the fighting against those microbes and these cells happen to be the most susceptible to genetic damage, including radiation. It is well known, that if you impose genetic damage these are the first cells to go.

With radiation, you can administer several doses, but still a limited dose of radiation. We have to expect the same thing with these vaccines as well. We are at the early stages of this vaccination campaign and we are looking at acute toxicity. This is toxicity of the Russian Roulette type. Some people get hit very badly, but most others actually get away with it. But even those who are now getting away with it they are building their genetic toxicity, their DNA damage up towards this ultimate level beyond it simply can not go.

I believe this is indeed an extermination campaign.

If you comply now, this is only going to buy you “freedom” for six months and then you’re getting your next vaccination. You simply can not win in this game.

The only option we have is to radically say “No”!

We are going to win this. 

– by Prof. Dr. Michael Palmer PHD

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You decide

You decide…

You decide when and under what circumstances you are free.

– Sara Bennett (German)

Well, already been disobedient today?

It is not at all necessary to engage in demonstrations or to chase someone out of the country. You just have to do one thing – and that is to be disobedient. That’s all.

The authorities no longer rule when the people cease to obey.   Bert Brecht

It makes absolutely no sense to stand on the street in the evening in sub-zero temperatures, shouting for peace, freedom, and democracy, but to get up at 5 a.m. the next morning so that you can be at the test center at 7 a.m. and head to work with your test and wearing a mask. Because this has nothing to do with resistance.

The entire population of Germany can stand on the street every evening and call for peace, freedom, democracy when they run back to work in the morning with masks and negative tests – what does that have to do with resistance? Nothing!

This whole thing stops when people realize they have to throw away their stupid masks, face the boss, and say: “No, that’s it. Either I work here normally under normal circumstances or I leave. That’s it. And this must be done by as many as possible, and increasingly more. Then this will be over in no time.

Now some will say: “Well, that’s easy for her to say. What if I can no longer work? When I no longer are able to pay my loans, my house, feed my children, pay my daily expenses?” People are thus kept in their fear. People are afraid that they will no longer be able to pay their living expenses.

What people do not realize is that if they continue to be obedient and play this game, they will lose everything anyway. This is the 2030 Agenda. It envisions that no one owns anything anymore. Neither house nor property. People have to understand that. It is high time.

If you continue to go to work with tests and masks, then you will lose everything! Your land, your house, your car, everything, everything. You will have no property at all in 2030. Neither house, lot, land, nor car. Nothing!

Every citizen will have to sign over their belongings to the government before they overturn the monetary system. This is what the agenda calls for. We will own nothing and we will love it.- The words of Klaus Schwab with the WEF.

Everything you have will be rented. You rent the house you live in, rent the car you drive. Everything will be rented. It’s not yours anymore. This is the agenda. As long as you are obedient and follow the system, you can continue to use it all. But don’t you dare to be disobedient. If you do not want these vaccinations anymore, if you do not want this or that anymore, then you are finished. Then they can turn you off. Your life is over. You are no longer part of the system. This is planned. Everything will be taken away from you.

You are then effectively sitting on the street without a house, without food, without clothes, and, of course, without money and without the possibility to get money from somewhere. Because the money system will be abolished. Cash will be abolished.  You will have no way to feed, live, or cloth yourself in any way. You are out. Because you were obedient – at least for a while.  And the whole thing will be much worse than if we now accept a few setbacks and go into resistance and very clearly say: “No, no, not with us!”. 

Yes, maybe we’ll be unemployed. We shouldn’t care. What do the CEOs of companies do when we all stand up and say: “This can’t go on” “Do your crap on your own”, “I no longer work with a mask. I no longer will be vaccinated, I no longer will get tested. F. you. that’s it.”

The only way out of this is not to play their game anymore. Let’s just not play along anymore. Then it’s over. It is a game they play with us. Turn away from this game. Just leave it. The game called Corona is over when you stop following the rules of the game. When people realize this, it will be over tomorrow.

You decide when and under what circumstances you are free. You all alone.

The people who now go for protest walks on Mondays are in many cities more people than there are in the Bundestag. If only those people walking at protests didn’t go to work the next day, it would be over. Then it would be over!

If only these people who are on the streets now, that’s many, many thousands of cities and many, many thousands of people, if they understood that they shouldn’t participate anymore, it would be over tomorrow. What are they going to do? So get into action. Stop talking and get into action. That is very important. It is for you, for your future. It’s actually quite simple. The game is over and people have to understand that. It’s over. That we are being screwed has dawned on almost everyone.

How many have been vaccinated so that they can continue to work? If these people stopped working tomorrow, it would be over. You will eventually lose the job anyway. The best thing we can do is ignore the Bundestag. What can they do when no one listens to them anymore?  So start taking responsibility for yourselves. Go into disobedience! Do not participate anymore! It is so simple. They can’t do anything at all if we stop participating. Throw away those masks. Stop with the nonsensical testing and vaccinations and do not worry so much.

It happens exactly the way you want it.

– by Sara Bennett

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Supreme Court

Supreme Court Rules Against OSHA Vaccine Mandate

In a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court blocked OSHA’s Emergency COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Standard for workplaces 100+ employees on Thursday 1/13/2022 but upholds the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) Mandate for Health Care Workers paid by Medicare/Medicaid.

The decision on the CMS mandate was 5-4, with Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh joining the court’s three Democratic appointees in upholding it.

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Kary Mullis

Was Anthony Fauci just lucky?

Kary Mullis was outspoken and wanted to expose Anthony Fauci.

On August 7th, 2019 Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize Winner and inventor of the PCR test died of pneumonia just three months before the start of the Covid pandemic.

He won the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his invention of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method for copying and amplifying DNA.  

If Kary Mullis had been alive, his PCR test could not have been used to create a pandemic.  

His timely dead is a mystery for many of us.

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The REAL Anthony Fauci

The REAL Anthony Fauci

James Corbett interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on his new book “The Real Anthony Fauci.”

You can find the podcast, transcript, show notes and download options here.

Interview 1675 – The REAL Anthony Fauci with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

You can buy the Book “The Real Anthony Fauci” here:

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Mass Murder

Mass Murder?

There is compelling evidence that the vaccines are premeditated mass murder. 

The assumption, that the same ingredients, the same consistent quality and purity are in every single vail and every single injection is wrong. Scientists are now absolutely certain that there are not the same ingredients in every vail and that means that criminal acts are being committed.

Scientists analyzed the vaccine batch or lots in the VAERS system and compared the adverse events from the different lots. When vaccines are produced they have to be consistent in quality and purity and would create the same results and adverse events all across the lots. But they found that there were no adverse events at all with some lots but thousands with other batches. So there are definitely not the same ingredients in the different lots. There is no other explanation than that these are not the same products and that these are experiments within global experiments and done deliberately.

Dr. Reiner Füllmich: These findings have immense legal repercussion, because once you arrive at the conclusion that they are doing this deliberately the floodgates are open in the United States for punitive damages.

Dr. Mike Yeadon

This is how consistent adverse events looked like across the lots of flu vaccines.

This is how inconsistent adverse events look like across the lots of Covid vaccines.

Dr. Mike Yeadon

Dr. Wodarg, Sam White, Reiner Füllmich

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Protests in EU

Protests in Germany & EU

For weeks there are protests and demonstrations in many villages, towns and cities in Germany against mandatory vaccinations, the vaccine passport and restrictions. It started with protest “walks” (Spaziergängen) on Mondays weeks ago.

On Monday January 3, 2022 there were “walks” in 1390 German cities, with 27,000 people in Rostock alone. Each week the number of participants grows, and in many cities there are even daily walks. Media is not reporting about it, and if they do they play it down or claim that these are all right wing people. Which is far from the truth.

There are also many protests in Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and other European countries.

List with Cities in France with Protests on January 8, 2022

Some impression from past walks

Rostock, Germany / January 3, 2022

Magdeburg, Germany / January 3, 2022

Augsburg, Germany / January 3, 2022

Ansbach, Germany / January 3, 2022

München, Germany / January 5, 2022

Vienna, Austria / January 7, 2022

Amsterdam, Netherlands / January 2, 2022

Paris, France / January 1, 2022

Barcelona, Spain /  January 1, 2022

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Important Interview

A very important interview

“This is very serious – these are the biggest crimes against humanity ever committed in the history of human kind”

In this interview the British lawyer Anna de Buisseret describes how those who have explicitly or implicitly aided and abetted governments in a military grade psychological operation have committed crimes against humanity and that they will inevitably be held accountable.

She tells everybody who is involved with the “vaccinations”:

“You are individually accountable and liable in your personal capacity, criminally and civilly. There is nowhere to run. There is nowhere to hide. No-one is going to defend you. Because the law says: You must uphold the law. You must not cause harm and you are personally liable.”

– Anna de Buisseret – London

She and her team drafted a notice of Liability for mRNA vaccinations to hand out to those who are aiding the governments to make clear that they are committing crimes and will be held accountable in the future.

Notice of Liability for mRNA vaccinations

In her Notice of Liability she lists all inalienable, fundamental, natural Human Civil, Spiritual and other Rights and Liberties enshrined in the Rule of Law. Please check them out:

Charter of Liberties (1100)

The Magna Carta (1297)

The Confrmation of the Charters (1297)

The Confrmation of the Charters and Statutes (1416),

Confrmation of Liberties (1423)

The Liberty of the Subject Act (1354)

The Habeus Corpus Act (1679)

The Bill of Rights/Act (1688)

The Human Rights Act (1998)

The Equality Act (2010)

The Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) 

The Nuremburg Code (1947)

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)

The European Convention on Human Rights (1950)

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966)

Paragraph 58 of the Siracusa Principles

The International Covenant on Cultural, Social and Economic

Rights (1966)

The Oviedo Convention (1997)

The International Covenant on Human Rights and Bioethics (2005)

The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

The International Criminal Court Act (2001)

The Ofences Against the Person Act (1861)

The war Conventions

…and many more

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Rechtsgutachten zur Strafbarkeit ..

des Herstellers Biontech, der beteiligten Behördenvertreter, der impfenden Ärzte, der beteiligten Arbeitgeber, Richter (insbesondere Familienrichter), Verfahrensbeistände, Eltern und anderer Beteiligter nach dem Arzneimittelgesetz (bedroht mit Freiheitsstrafe bis zu 10 Jahren) durch die Herstellung, Verbreitung und Anwendung (Impfung) des Impfstoffs Comirnaty von Pfizer/Biontech.

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